Tania & Marcelo

Marcelo has been a Brazilian dance performer and instructor for most of his life. He has been part of the development of Lambada / Zouk in Brazil since the 90s. In Brazil he has performed and taught Lambada Zouk in many of Brazil’s most renowned and well established dance schools and on request of many dance schools has toured Brazil teaching and performing Zouk Lambada, Axe, Samba, Forro,... Due to his passion for dance and to promote Brazilian Zouk and other Brazilian dances, he has been asked to travel to many countries, starting with Argentina in the 90s and since then many more places across the globe. He has also performed on stage with some of Brazil’s most famous and internationally known singers such as Ivete Sangalo, Harmonia do Samba, E o Tschan, Olodum and Araketu in addition to numerous TV appearances. Whatever kind of dance, Marcelo always brings to the dance floor amazing energy, great style and a hip swing to look out for! During Marcelo &Tania's classes you will have fun and at the same time learn essential techniques that will help you improve your skills for all dances you do - not only Zouk!

Together with his partner Tania Onca he promotes Brazilian dances across the globe and has been invited to teach and perform his art at countless dance congresses around the world. In some places Marcelo and Tania are even responsible for re-introducing the Zouk scene there or establishing it from scratch, like for example in Austria where they also introduced this dance and successfully built up the Zouk scene. Marcelo also is one of the organisors of the international ZOUK AUSTRIA congress. www.zoukaustria.com

Tania has been teaching and performing Zouk and other Latin Dances since the 90s. Having studied music and being trained in various dances (including ballroom) from early age on, Tania is not only renowned for her technique, but also internationally highly recognized for her MUSICALITY and creativity with dance and music. Her dance style is highly passionate and expressive while at the same time elegant and graceful. People always love watching her dance 'to' the music and value her enormous creativity and talent as a dancer and choreographer. Driven by Tania’s background with Latin Dances, Tania & Marcelo's style shows the influence and inclusion of elements from other Latin dances such as Argentine Tango and others. Tania has been invited to perform and teach Brazilian Zouk and LambaZouk as well as other Latin Dances at events all over the world (Europe, South America, Africa, Asia) including, for example, the major international dance congresses in Brazil, Germany, Holland, Check Republic, UK, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, France, Russia, Italy in addition to numerous intensive workshops worldwide. Additionally, together with her partner Marcelo Estilo, Tania successfully introduced and built up the Zouk scene in Austria.

Tania's students always praise her impressive knowledge of both, dance and music as well as her dedication and ability to explain the details and convey her knowledge when teaching, thereby making her one of the internationally most highly rated and appreciated Zouk instructors.