Stathis Kanios

Born in Athens, Greece, Stathis is an avid tango, and zouk enthusiast and has taught or organised events in cities such as Copenhagen, Berlin, Athens, Toronto, Barcelona, Amsterdam, etc.He started bboying in 2002, later discovered tango in 2004 and salsa in 2007, and had his jaw drop on the floor when he first saw zouk in 2009. He unites his passion for movement with his need to travel, always taking or giving classes, learning and progressing. Over the years has trained different ways of movement and styles of each one (which he always loves to combine) from XMA and capoeira  to contemporary and jazz and and has been a member of various dance groups and companies.His education in engineering helps him to provide clean and simple explanations in body dynamics and partnering, while his artistic personality makes him throw everything out the window when he is on the dance floor.

Joanna Pierchala

Born in Poland, Joanna is a social dancer of tango, zouk and salsa. She started dancing salsa in 2009 and later discovered tango and zouk (the love of her life).She combines  her professional career in urban design with her passion for dance with the joy of travelling.  Currently she is working at M2tango Studio in Copenhagen, organising events and teaching tango and zouk classes.