Odin le Noble

Odin le Noble entered the LambadaZouk scene in 2008 as a dancer and started as an international DJ in 2011, having already a broad background as DJ, MC and dancer in the Hip Hop, House and Salsa scene since young age. As a dancer he developed his own dance style called Urban Zouk StylaZ, that can be typified as a fusion style of Hip Hop, Street dance, Reggaeton, House, Modern, Salsa and Urban to LambadaZouk.

His inspiration in the Zouk scene is founded by the influence of great performers as Adillio Porto, Kadu Pires, Gilson Damasco, Jamie Aroxa, Nyx, Mafie Zouker, Renato Veronezzi, Dadinho, Joseph Koniak, Pasty and Mr. Dragon. As DJ he plays a broad variety of music that can be found under this genre from Ghetto Zouk, Kizomba, NeoZouk, New Generation Zouk, Soul Zouk and Zouk Remixes coming from R&B, Hip Hop, Dub Step, Persian music, Bollywood, Arabian music, House etc. What typifies this DJ is that he will never play a song that was already played by other DJ's at the same party, when playing a song never mix over but finish till the end, further bringing a broad variety of music styles and at the same time adapt as much as possible to the different wishes of the dancers at the party by observing their dances in order to give everybody a great time. As former resident DJ in club Monte Cristo Amsterdam, this international DJ can be found at Zouk parties, festivals

and congresses all over the world from Brazil, Israel, UK, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Tsjech Republic, Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Denmark, The Netherlands, Russia, Ukrain, Belarus, Finland, Malaysia, Australia, Argentina, USA and Poland. As a DJ, Odin le Noble lives by a motto coming from Latin language called: Veni, Vidi, Vici.