DJ Nymf & Ariana

DJ Nymf started dancing salsa in 2006, but quickly changed to zouk, a dance that proved more suitable for him. At the end of 2006 Nymf wanted to share his passion for zouk with others and followed a teachers course taught by Claudio Gomes, after which he started teaching for Zouklovers

His love for zouk brought him to Barcelona in 2010, where he followed an M-Zouk (zouk Mallorca) course. This is where he also encountered other dance-styles such as modern/ contemporary, ballet and hip-hop. Inspired by his time in Barcelona DJ Nymf started to research other dance styles and develop his own dance. It is Nymf's believe that a zouk class should not consist of the teaching of figures, which are then to be copied by his students. Nymf would like to stimulate his students to be creative and find their own expression within the dance. His classes are about connection, creativity, musicality, technique and expression, he teaches this through ,sometimes playful, exercises. Even though he is a teacher he has always stayed hungry to continue learning and growing, so that he can offer his students his best.

In 2012 Nymf started mixing his own zouk music. As a DJ he would like to encourage people to dance on different rhythms and counts. He likes to accentuate the transitions within a song. The songs he mix vary greatly from romantic and slow to very dynamic, dubstep or foreign songs.

“Dancing is expressing yourself", “Mistakes need to be made to grow, try as many crazy things as you can!”

Ariana Lara Norcia. - On her 18th birthday Ariana took a trial lesson of salsa by chance. She ended up enjoyed herself so much that she decided to follow 2 courses and became an active social dancer as well. In 2009 she was presented with the opportunity to follow zouk lessons in Enschede, a city in East-Holland where zouk was still rather new. After completing 2 courses of zouk she started attaining zouk parties regularly, this ended up taking such a dominant role in her life that she started planning work around parties and eventually even moved to the west of Holland to be closer to an active zouk scene.

On the dance-floor Ariana met Nymf. In 2010 he taught her the principles of Mzouk and they continued as dance-partners. In the summer of 2011 Ariana decided to audition for a dance-school. After being admitted she now studies subjects as ballet, jazz and modern dance as well as anatomy and teaching. Ariana hopes to motivate people to discover the freedom of dance. She knows first hand how dance can change your life.

“ I have experienced how dance can bring people to life, build confidence and express feelings. If we can let go of fear and insecurities then we are free to dance and to live.”